15 December 2015

Therapeutic Properties of Myrrh

Therapeutic Properties of Myrrh



Chemically, myrrh oil is comprised most notably of eugenol and terpenoids, both of which are known for their medicinal properties – for example, clove essential oil is comprised primarily of eugenol. (2)
Terpenoids have a reputation as potent healers, potentially because of their role in protecting the plant from oxidative stress. As we know, this kind of stress causes cell death, and it’s not exclusive to humans. Terpenoids carry antioxidant capabilities, then, to ward of oxidative stress and preserve the plant. Fortunately for us, we can share that same preserving effect! (3)
After centuries of use in aromatic and medicinal forms, science is uncovering more and more of the healing properties of myrrh oil by the day. Some of the scientifically acknowledged properties include:
  • Antiseptic
  • Anesthetic
  • Antitumor
  • Antiparasitic
  • Antioxidant
  • Wound healing
These actions have been traditionally applied to skin infections, oral health, inflammation, intestinal health, and pain relief, all confirmed in some way by modern science. (4)
The more research uncovers, the more we see stress in its various states as an underlying cause of so many illnesses and discomforts. It’s no wonder that a powerful antioxidant would carry such varied benefits. And powerful it is! Myrrh exhibits an antioxidant effect strong enough that it can protect the liver – the “detox” organ that is bombarded with toxins every day – from oxidative damage. (5)
Not only does myrrh utilize antioxidant properties to seek out free radicals and reverse oxidative damage, but it may be able to eliminate cancer cells, as well. Researchers in China recently published their findings on myrrh’s cancer fighting abilities, after lab tests demonstrated the inhibition of cancer cell growth. (6) As with most cancer research, the steps forward toward proven treatments are detailed and difficult, but the foundation is clearly there, and the potential is absolutely intriguing!

Myrrh in 5 Healing Applications

So how exactly does one utilize such a powerful, ancient, even holy substance? Honestly, however you’d like! The healing properties of myrrh oil have an increasingly well-studied background, and has been demonstrated as one of the most effective remedies in more than one category. While it isn’t so much an immunomodulator for illness prevention, its healing capabilities are quite possibly unmatched.

1. Antimicrobial Benefits

Microbes are all around us, in many shapes and forms both beneficial and deleterious. When we’re thinking in terms of pharmaceuticals and traditional medicines, there are treatments for bacterial infections, another treatment for fungal infections, and still others for viruses. Prevention is compartmentalized, as well.
Natural antivirals, antifungals, and antibacterials exist, of course, with each substance carrying its own strengths and weaknesses. A strong antimicrobial, though, may have the ability to affect more than one category of microbes. Myrrh essential oil is one such antimicrobial substance. (7)

2. Wound Healing

With these antimicrobial effects in combination with pain and inflammation relief, myrrh is an excellent wound healer. In an interesting study evaluating postpartum women who delivered vaginally with an episiotomy, myrrh oil in a sitz bath or soap application was actually shown to help the perineum heal by warding off the identified bacteria Escherichia coli and Enterococcus faecalis. The researchers concluded, “These findings indicate that postpartum aromatherapy for perineal care could be effective in healing the perineum perineal care could be effective in healing the perineum.” (8)

3. Oral Health

The mouth is a dirty place. We’re exposed to so much through our mouths, making it a hotbed of microbes and potential illness. When we do get sick, our mouths often notice first – sore throats, phlegm, and other discomforts settle in as one of the first signs of many illnesses. What’s more, diseases of the mouth and gums are all too common.
According to a  review conducted by Egyptian researchers, myrrh “is one of the most effective herbal medicines in the world for sore throats, canker sores and gingivitis.” (9) And when it is combined with frankincense essential oil, a special synergy occurs. According to a recent South African study,
“Frankincense and myrrh essential oils have been used in combination since 1500 BC…When assayed in various combinations, the frankincense and myrrh oils displayed synergistic, additive and noninteractive properties, with no antagonism noted. When investigating different ratio combinations against Bacillus cereus, the most favourable combination was between B. papyrifera and C. myrrha.” (10)
Utilize its antiseptic, antimicrobial, and wound healing effects by putting a drop on your toothpaste when you brush your teeth each night.

4. Antiparasitic Actions

No one wants to think about parasite infestations, but what we really don’t want is to be caught with a parasite and unable to treat it. Egyptian scientists tackled this issue, as well, working with patience who had signs of parasites in their stool. Antiparasitic treatments are often harsh and come with intestinal discomfort. After testing a treatment utilizing myrrh essential oil, “no signs of toxicity or adverse reactions” were a problem and the treatment was successful. (11) This was against a specific parasite, of course, but the potential for improved treatment and even protection against infection exists!

5. Cancer Fighting

Last, but certainly not least, the ability myrrh essential oil has in healing cancer is becoming a popular topic in the industry. One of the most thorough studies on the topic was published in the journal Oncology Letters in 2013, and this is what they discovered about frankincense and myrrh oils:
“The effects of the two essential oils, independently and as a mixture, on five tumor cell lines, MCF-7, HS-1, HepG2, HeLa and A549, were investigated using the MTT assay. The results indicated that the MCF-7 and HS-1 cell lines showed increased sensitivity to the myrrh and frankincense essential oils compared with the remaining cell lines. In addition, the anticancer effects of myrrh were markedly increased compared with those of frankincense, however, no significant synergistic effects were identified.”
Recommendation: For a truly Biblical combination, use frankincense and myrrh essential oils together for a synergistic blend of antimicrobial benefits!’
Notably, these two resins are generally prescribed simultaneously in traditional Chinese medicine. They are used primarily to treat blood stagnation and inflammatory diseases, as well as for the relief of swelling and pain,  Even though there were no synergism noted regarding cancer, “A previous study identified that the combination of frankincense and myrrh oils exhibited synergistic effects on harmful bacterial infections

23 August 2015

Resipi Donut Gebu

Ni resepi saye terjumpa dalam Facebook orang dok share-share. Copy sini la, nanti nak buat, senang sikit nak cari.

Resepi Donut Lembut dan Gebu
500gm tepung gandum (tepung High Protein pun boleh tapi donat warna putih)
210ml air suam
2 sudu marjerin
1 sudu teh garam
3 sudu susu tepung (akak tukar 3 sudu susu pekat manis)
3 sudu besar gula (akak guna 1 1/2 sudu ajer)
1 bungkus mauripan (11gm)
sedikit air sejuk dalam peti sejuk (guna apabila adunan belum lembut)

Cara Menyediakan
1. Masukkan susu pekat dan gula dalam air suam dan kacau sebati baru masukkan mauripan.
2. Dalam mangkuk, masukkan tepung dan garam, buat lobang di tengahnya dan masukkan marjerin dan adun mesra semua bahan.
3. Tuang mauripan ke dalam adunan dan uli kesemuanya hingga menjadi doh.
4. Uli adunan hingga doh lembut, jika belum lembut masukkan air peti sejuk dan uli lagi.
5. Terap dengan acuan dengan menggunakan pengelek.
6. 5 minit kemudian donut akan kembang dan bolehlah di panaskan api dalam kuali.
7. Guna api yang kecil dan minyak yang agak banyak untuk tenggelamkan donut.

Young Living Essential Oil

Assalamualaikum dan Salam Sejahtera,

Izinkan saya untuk menerangkan serba sedikit berkenaan Essential Oil dari Syarikat Young & Living ini.
Essential Oil (EO) adalah pati minyak aromatic yang diekstrak utk mendapatkan minyaknya melalui proses penyulingan berwap (steam distillation). Minyak pati aromatic ini asalnya dari alam semulajadi melalui pelbagai sumber seperti bunga, pokok, semak, akar dan rimbunan tumbuh-tumbuhan. Cthnya: Lavender dari pokok lavender, Peppermint dari pokok pudina & Frankincense dari kemenyan arab.

Young Living merupakan syarikat terbesar dan pertama di dunia yang membekalkan dan menjalankan perniagaan minyak pati aromaterapi ini sejak 20 tahun yg lalu, mempunyai ladang dan kilang pengekstrakan sendiri di beberapa negara di dunia serta mempunyai ratusan koleksi EO samada Singles (semata-mata ekstrak minyak utk sesuatu tumbuhan cthnya Rosemary, Lemon, Sandalwood dsb) atau Blends (campuran beberapa Singles bagi meningkatkan kuasa penggunaan untuk isu-isu yang berbeza contohnya Brain Power, Peace & Calming, Stress Away dan sebagainya).  Pada bulan October 2014 yang lalu, YLOE telah mengembangkan perniagaan mereka di Malaysia.

Rangkaian produk YL ini diyakini dan digunakan secara meluas di seluruh dunia bukan hanya oleh Ibu Bapa dan Keluarga tetapi juga mereka yg terlibat dalam bidang perubatan seperti Doktor & Therapist. Ianya bergred terapi (therapeutic grade) dan mempunyai kuasa penyembuhan semulajadi  (natural healing power) yg sgt memberangsangkan kerana keupayaan molekulnya merentasi rintangan darah di otak (blood brain barrier) seterusnya memberikan kesan pada tubuh badan.

Adalah SANGAT PENTING untuk mereka yg mahu menggunakan Essential Oil sebagai salah satu alternatif kepada perubatan moden (yg menggunakan ubat-ubatan dan bahan kimia) memastikan mereka memilih EO yg diyakini kualitinya (dari pembenihan sehinggalah pembotolan sebelum diedar pada pelanggan), 100% asli, bergred terapi, tiada campuran bahan sintetik atau diubahsuai kandungannya (sehingga tidak lagi semulajadi) kerana ia bakal memberi kesan kepada proses pemulihan. EO yg benar-benar asli membenarkan penggunanya mengambil produk ini secara oral atau dalam bahasa mudah: boleh dan selamat dimakan kerana ia 100% bahan semulajadi tanpa pengubahsuaian.

Disebabkan proses mendapatkan minyak pati aromaterapi bergred terapi dan benar-benar asli dan semulajadi ini adalah sangat rumit dan memakan belanja yang tinggi, maka harganya juga berbeza-beza mengikut jenis minyak. Ada yang agak murah (Contohnya Lemon RM 47 utk 15ml), ada yang sederhana (Contohnya Lavender RM 97 untuk 15 ml) dan ada yg sangat mahal sehingga boleh mencecah lebih RM500 sebotol (Contohnya Rose RM 734 untuk 5 ml sahaja).

Dan kerana permintaan yang tinggi terhadap Essential Oil ini, maka ramai pengusaha dan pengilang di luar sana turut menghasilkan EO tetapi mengandungi campuran bahan-bahan yang lain dan harganya jauh lebih murah. Agak sukar untuk mereka yang tidak pakar dalam EO seperti pengguna akhir (end user) membezakan yg mana asli dan  bergred terapi dan yang mana sudah dicampur kerana dari segi rupa dan bau, ianya sama, tiada perbezaan, melainkan jika dibuat ujikaji di makmal.

Sebagai pengguna bijak, carilah maklumat mengenai EO jika anda benar-benar mahu memastikan wang anda disalurkan ke produk yang setaraf dengan wang yang bakal dilaburkan. Dan dapatkan produk ini serta konsultasinya dengan Pengedar Sah untuk memastikan anda dapat memaksimumkan manfaat penggunaan Essential Oil anda serta menggukanannya dengan cara yang paling selamat.

Sentiasalah merujuk kepada saya dan nyatakan maklumbalas anda setelah menggunakannya. Jika anda hadapi sebarang masalah, atau tidak mendapat kesan seperti yang diharapkan, harap kita dapat berbincang bagi mengetahui jika terdapat kesilapan semasa penggunaan EO ini. Semoga setiap pembelian anda mendatangkan manfaat dan dapat memberikan kesan kesihatan yang diinginkan, InsyaAllah..

Terima Kasih diatas sokongan anda,
Nurul Afzan Aini

02 April 2015

Eucalyptus Globulus menggantikan Vicks

Tau tak minyak angin, vicks atau gula2 berangin (utk legakan tekak tu) mengandungi Eucalyptus oil, especially Eucalyptus Globulus ni. (Eucalyptus ade banyak jenis)

Young Living EO Eucalyptus Globulus ni elok sangat utk masalah pernafasan, dan batuk lelah. Macam konsep sapu vicks kat dada tu. Tapi dari guna balm mcm tu, ape kate kite guna the pure Eucalyptus Oil. 100% natural, tanpa campuran bahan2 sintetik.

Jom guna Natural Remedy dari tumbuhan2 semulajadi!

International Autism Day

Today is International Autism day,
kepada sesiapa yang masih blur2 ape itu Autism, sila lah amik tau apa itu Autism.
You might deal with one of it later.

Ok, untuk Afeef pulak, antara perkembangan terbaru die:

1) dah pandai mengangguk dan cakap Yes atau No kalau kita tanya
2) dah boleh makan aiskrim! tetibe die tau cara nak jilat aiskrim tu dan boleh deal dengan rasa sejuk aiskrim du hujung lidah n bibir.
3) dah kuat sikit pegang pensel (dinding dan lantai dicontent nye, menunjukkan kemahiran memegang pensel semakin baik huhu)

31 March 2015

Afeef's 5th Birthday

Afeef dah 5 tahun!! Bedy die 27/3 haritu. tapi semua org lupa ahahaha teruk betul. dah mlm baru ingat. pastu si Affan sebok la tanye bil nak buat beday party Afeef ni.

Afeef ni special skit. Alhamdulillah sekarang dah byk perubahan, dah byk perkataan die boleh ckp dan dan boleh communicate sikit2.

Semalam die nak mengikut mama naik kete, cepat2 pakai selipar. bila tanye "Is that your shoe?" Die jawab "Yes!" sambil angguk dan mate die tgk kite. Hehe bagus dah ade eye contact dan boleh jawab bila ditanye.
Mase cuti sekolah haritu, die duduk rumah nenek. tetibe die sebut "Atuk.. Nenek.." terus atuknye puasa nazar. hehe sbb atuk die pernah bernazar dulu2 kalau afeef boleh sebut "Atuk", atuk nak puasa.

Semoge Afeef semakin bijak, pandai, boleh berdikari, boleh bercakap banyak2 lagi dan mendengar kate. Semoge Afeef dapat masuk sekolah biasa darjah satu nanti dan dapat makan mcm budak2 lain. Insyaallah..

28 March 2015

Reunion Srikandi 9600 28-29 Mac 2015, Impin Morib Hotel

Orang lain dah abis update pasal Reunion, saye baru nak update. hehe, amik mase sbb nak recover dari penat travel n enjoy sakan kat Morib. hehe . Reunion Family day mmg terbaik!! best sangat dapat jumpe2, bersukaneka, dinner and mandi pool.

Affan pon happy sangat dapat jumpa kawan2 baru.

Si Afeef lak kejap2 hilang, kejap2 hilang, suke sgt nak explore tempat baru.
Afrin elok je dok diam ngan auntie Syada Husain n uncle hafiz hehe.

Best woo sukaneka, sakit tulang smpai ke harini ahaha. seb baik menang, dapat la powerbank.
Affan pon suke dapat hadiah menang bawak bola ping pong dalam sudu.

acara last beli kerepek kat Banting pon best hahaha.

Ok tq semua yang organize dan yang murah hati sponsor mcam2 utk menjayakan Reunion STF9600 kite ni.

Tq jugak kpd encik suami yg sudi drive all the way ke Morib dan join sukaneka dan pandai bawak diri beramah mesra dgn husband2 srikandi yg lain. baguss. nanti senang la nk ajak lg sbb dh ramai yg kenal.
Semoge berjumpa lagi akan datang. Next kite gi Johor pulak la

 Ok gmbar2 malas nak letak caption

1) Gambar semase registration


2) Gambar2 petang tu, mase Sukaneka




 3) Ni gambar2 time malam, ade BBQ Dinner

Barisan Committee members STF9600 reunion

2 org budak dah tumpas awal mase dinner

uruskan lucky draw. sendri tak bertuah huhu

Affan je la yang belum tido lagi, so dapat amik gambar ngan Affan je

My Eldest Boy- Affan

Mu Youngest Boy, Afrin Dayyan

4) Aktiviti Pagi Ahad - Swimming
Affan wwinning dengan kawan2 baru

Lunch sebelum bertolak balik. TQ kepade yg belanje
5) Acare memborok kerepek kat Banting

27 March 2015

Buku Baru untuk anak-anak mama

Little Einstein & Baby Einstein book.

These books are on sale!! 50% discount at www.pelican.com.my

So boleh la mama belanje anak2 mama.
They all love it!! Afeef excited sangat dapat buku Little Einstein kesukaan die.
Si Affan paling excited nak baca semua.
Dan si Afrin pon excited nak makan semua buku! Hahaha.
Tapi actually banyak beli buku utk Afrin ni. Ada touch n feel book, lift-the-flap, flash card and mirror book.

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