31 December 2012

Colmar Tropicale Bukit Tinggi

Last week me n hubby spend 2 days 1 night at Bukit Tinggi. Bukan Bukit Tinggi Indonesia tu, Kat Pahang je.. hehe

We stay at Berjaya Hills Golf & Country Resort and sempat la round2 kat Colmar Tropicale.

This is my first time in my whole life here. I love cool places!! Suke Bukit Tinggi ni, Definitely will come again with the kids :)

 The car park. Surrounded with pain tree. Nice!

Convention Hall at Berjaya Hills

Golf Course at Berjaya Hills.

The Chateau. Very2 nice building!

Its 24th Dec, so all the decoration is towards Christmas celebration

 Big Chrismast tree

 Colourful Horse

 Colmar Tropicale surrounding.

 I like the building.

This pond have some swan. 

Nice swan..

Love the cool air. Love is in the air.. haha

 Clown entertaining the kids

 More pics

 and pose

 Dinner at Hotel Cafe

Swimming pool outside out room

 Kids Swimming Pool. Sejuk2 pon ade jugak orang nak mandi ye..

Then i go to Rabbit Park. Entrance fee RM3 per person.

 Have deer also. sangat jinak.

 Poor rabbit. Scared by the naughty kids

 Cute rabbit

 Hungry Deer

 Before going back, i did collect some pine cones for Affan.

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