03 November 2009

Going to KL

Today i'm going to KL with Mr Husband.. Got a conference (MyGOSSCON) at PICC. And luckily Afat also got a meeting on the same date. From 4th-6th Nov.. Yay!! we can celebrate our 2nd anniversary Tomorrow (4th Nov) and My birthday on 6th Nov together. Just the two of us.. Ehehe, Honeymoon again.

Gosh.. baru 2 tahun ke kami kawen? Rase cam dah lame sangat. Huhu.

Hotel is sponsored by Afat's company.. Ahaha, just that I have to drive a bit far from KL to Putrajaya for that 3 days..

Oh, but feel a bit sad to leave Affan coz since i've been transfer to Kuantan, never leave him for a long time like this.. He sure will miss me.. Sian anak mama yang comel nih.. Mama and papa gonna miss u too sayang. Tapi mama nak honeymoon (sambil kerje) ngan papa dulu ye..

1 comment:

Farah said...

happy anniversarry afzan!

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