04 November 2009

At PICC now

i'm at PICC now. Attending MyGossCon. not many are coming yet. Hmm.. So boring, coz i came here alone. Anybody here also? Bleh la geng..

Luckily got wifi here. but my phone batt is low. Hv to save some to use GPS later. Huhu. Oraitss will update when im free.

Owh, today is my 2nd anniversary. Married to mr Afat on 4th Nov 2007.

2nd anniversary and pregnant for 2nd child.eheh.

Planning for a fine dinner tonite. Any suggestion, guys?


Dr.Sintok said...

//Dr Maza (Dr Mohd Asri Zainal Abidin) //

alimaju je lah..........:))))

a.m.a.l.l.e.a said...

happy 2nd anniversary afzan!!!!stay kat hotel mane?if nearby klcc, pg je la sane..byk restaurant best2 kan..nnt 3rd annvrsry,ade 3rd baby lak..alhamdulillah..hehe

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