23 April 2009

Oh My God!!

I got my pay today. And straight away I make a list on things to pay; all the bills, credits, PTPTN, LRT pass, loans and everything.. and guess what.. I got only less than RM300 left!! RM300 to spend on Parking, Bust ticket back and forth to Kuantan every week; and MEALS?? Oh, oh and how about FUEL? Oh My GOD!! Oh My God! I'm gonna be broke in a week and pray for MAY to come to the end very very fast.. T_T

So no Crocs shoe, tudung, Herba Maharani, shirt, toiletries, Eumora, Celcom Broadband etc..that i wish to buy once got my salary this month~~~ hoho.. T_T sob sob..

HUHUHU.. Come on Najib, pay me higher..

My life SUCKS now.
Jangan lah ade sesape yang menambahkan ke'sucks'an hidup aku lagi.

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