08 April 2009

Maxis Vs Celcom Broadband

Wow.. I really can't resist this current promotion from Maxis Broadband. There's a booth open nearby my office and in conjunction of PC Fair this coming weekend, they are having this PC Fair Promotion which is 3.6Mbps Broadband connectivity at only RM88 per month for 1 year, and for Maxis postpaid customer only. Plus free stylo USB modem also.

Yup, cheaper than Celcom Broadband and free modem too. Sounds so good.. But..... from my research (cewah research tuh) on Google, forums and comments from friend who's using it now, most of them recommend to go for Celcom rather than Maxis or P1 or others.. Simply because the coverage is wider. By comparing Maxis and Celcom, they got advantage and disvantages too.

Here's my conclusion comparing Maxis and Celcom Broadband for the 3.6Mbps.

(All info below is proven correct. I already call Maxis Broadband customer service to make sure)
Current Promo: RM88 per month for 12 month. After that RM118 (for Maxis Post Paid user)
Speed: 3.6Mbps (but u will never get this high..)
Coverage : People said not as wide as Celcom -->disadvantage
Modem : Free USB Modem (you can choose the design too)
Trial: 7 days free trial. If not satisfy, the RM100 deposit will be return by CHECK in 60 Days
Contract: Maxis said no contract, but if want to discontinue within 12 month, have to pay RM200 and return the Modem.  After 12 month no need to pay. (Isn't it the same as CONTRACT?, but they being smarter by calling it as HANDLING FEE).
Fair usage policy: 3GB per month (If u exceed this, ur connection will be very2 slow.) -->disadvantage
Other info:
1. The broadband simcard can only use with the Maxis USB modem. Can't use with your handphone or other modem. -->disadvantage
2. If the modem failed, can get free replacement anytime
3. Promotion only until 19th April 2009.

(This info got from the website and from the user)
Current Promo: RM119 -->disadvantage
Speed: 3.6Mbps (but u will never get this high..)
Coverage : Wider (people said)
Modem : Free USB Modem if u sign up for this package.
Trial: 7 days free trial
If want to terminate within 12 months contract have to pay RM300 (this 1 not very sure) and return the Modem
Fair usage policy: 5GB per month
Other info:
1. The simcard can be use with all modem and handphone. So u can browse internet using ur canggih phone. But for data only, If wanna make calls need to pay extra.
2. If want to buy the USB Modem only, it cost u minimum RM299. (In their website, it shows RM499)

* Please correct me if I got above info wrong. I shall not be responsible to any inconvenience, lost or misunderstanding regarding any info I wrote here. (And please don't bother my caca merba English)

Anyway.. still thinking whether I should go for the Maxis Broadband 7 days free trial of not. Because If I want to terminate it within 7 days, I have to wait for 2 bloody months to get the RM100 deposit back. (I better use it to buy books for my upcoming  exam or eat at Pizza Hut for 10 days). And I don't think at my hometown (Taman Seri Inderapura, Kuantan) got broadband coverage. Even Maxis 3G pon tak de, apetah lagi broadband. And although it is cheaper than Celcom, if coverage limited + connection not good, why need to pay RM88 per month just to get headache and complain about it now and then kan?

Tapikan, boleh gune internet free selame 7 hari dan bolehlah tukar sikit ko nye blog layout yang buruk gile lagi membosankan dah bertahun2 tak tuka nih Afzan..


z|Ha_J said...

celcom broadband.. as long as u can make a call, u can use this broadband... easy rules..right

Afzan said...

yeah.. memang betul tuh. Kalaulah Maxis sebagus tuh..

Anonymous said...

tapikan ak pyn simcard untuk celcom broadband dah kene block tuk call in/out dan msg.. just bley trima sms je.. tapi ok gak, tak la terover budget kalo gune..

seven said...

mane punye promo celcom broadband? contact aku je... modem huawei k3565 rm299.modem is yours. monthly rm68(384kbps) rm98(3.6Mbps).Masa register bayar modem dgn bulan pertama je.cth rm299+rm68=rm367. no contract.next month bayar rm68 atau rm98 je.call 0193030620 anas

seven said...

Modem maxis Huawei E220 discontinued model.Maxis overstock.tu dia pegi design macam2.nak clear stok belambak2. mane punye promo celcom broadband?119? rm68(384kbps) and rm98(3.6mbps)beli dgn aku modem rm299 huawei k3565.no contract.upon registration pay modem rm299+rm68.advisable amik rm68.most places takde 3.6Mbps.terminate bila2 masa tarak denda. call /sms 0193030620 anas(celcom authorised dealer) GO FOR MALAYSIA'S NO 1 MOBILE BROADBAND.

ali said...

both suck, with Fair Usage Policy of 3GB and 5GB a month. that is my daily usage wakakaka. go streamyx 6 movies per day. 6 * 700mb = 4.2 GB

akula said...

http://www.speedtest.net/result/492054346.png <-- my maxis broadband speed using Huawei E220 Modem

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