14 April 2009

List Of Phobias

I don't know why i got so much time to write blog and have lots of thing to blog about. Hehe. Envy me.. Ok this time, for the Segment "Tahukah Anda", I want to list down a few names of Phobia.

Amaxophobia- Fear of riding in a car. (Yes, I am!)
Tachophobia- Fear of speed. (This explains why I hate roller coaster or those people driving so fast)
Achluophobia- Fear of darkness.
Alektorophobia- Fear of chickens
Androphobia- Fear of men (Erk, tak kawen la pompuan nih)
Arachibutyrophobia- Fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth. (Haha, kelakar)
Aviophobia or Aviatophobia- Fear of flying.
Caligynephobia- Fear of beautiful women. (Oh, kasihan, x dapat bini lawa)
Catoptrophobia- Fear of mirrors. (Nih orang yang pakai susuk la nih, x leh tengok cermin)
Chrometophobia or Chrematophobia- Fear of money. (Bagusnye die, orang lain sume suke duit)
Cleithrophobia or Cleisiophobia- Fear of being locked in an enclosed place.
Coprastasophobia- Fear of constipation. (Haha)
Cochleaphobia- Fear of snails
Coulrophobia- Fear of clowns. (Nih biasenye budak2 la. Eh, adult pon ade ape..)
Dentophobia- Fear of dentists. (Scary..)
Didaskaleinophobia- Fear of going to school (Alasan x mau gi skolah)
Doraphobia- Fear of fur or skins of animals. (ex-roomate aku kat UPM- Kak Laila sgt takut binatang berbulu)
Elurophobia- Fear of cats.(also called as Felinophobia, Ailurophobia, Elurophobia, Galeophobia, Gatophobia) Banyaknye..
Entomophobia- Fear of insects. (Anne, aku rase nih ko)
Gamophobia- Fear of marriage (Anyone? anyone?)
Herpetophobia- Fear of reptiles or creepy, crawly things.
Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia- Fear of long words. (Panjangnye ejaan die, mane la x phobia?)
Isolophobia- Fear of solitude, being alone
Lachanophobia- Fear of vegetables. (Im not fear at it. Just don't like to eat it)
Leukophobia- Fear of the color white. (Tak boleh pakai baju sekolah ni)
Lockiophobia- Fear of childbirth.(Erk.. nella?)
Nomatophobia- Fear of names. (Takut ngan nama pon ade?)
Nosocomephobia- Fear of hospitals.
Novercaphobia- Fear of your step-mother. (Mak tiri garang)
Panophobia or Pantophobia- Fear of everything. (Senang crite. Sume takot)
Pharmacophobia- Fear of taking medicine. (Malas makan ubat sebenarnye tu)
Phasmophobia- Fear of ghosts.
Philophobia- Fear of falling in love or being in love. (Heii.. kesian)
Pteromerhanophobia- Fear of flying. (Tak leh naik Kapal Terbang ni)
Ranidaphobia- Fear of frogs.
Soceraphobia- Fear of parents-in-law. (Kes mak mertua garang nih)
Testophobia- Fear of taking tests.

Not enough of those?..If you wanna get more, or want to know what your own phobia called, checkidout here

For more info, you can get it here : Wikipedia

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