09 April 2008

So sleepy..

It's 11.34 pm now. And i'm still here in this office. Have less than 30 minutes to logout and chiow.. (our attendance is using login and logout by the phone- Avaya System).. Already feels so sleepy.. This few days still got not enough rest & my fever still not getting well. And i'm so tired working night shift.. huhu.. what to do..

Sitting in this very silent office..
The loudest thing that i can hear is the sound of air cond blowing..
and sometimes hear someone coughing from far..
What can i think of?
Wish I could be at some nice place..
Under the black sky, and shining stars..
Looking at a glowing town with city lights..
On a bridge..
If only..

Oh, I found, some poem which i wrote some time ago in my pendrive.. (can say it's a poem ke like this?, just wrote for suke2, so just post here lah)

This one I wrote when I remember of a promise I'd made to someone..

"for the moon that we both stare
for the moment that we share
for your smile that give me light
for the memory that fade
and the promise that we made
from the grass on the earth
to the star in the sky
one become greener,
the other become brighter
time and distance bring us this far
a dream floating in the air
trying to decide
should it fly to reach the star?
or lay down on the green grass"

And another one.. (This one i wrote when I face an unexpected thing in my life)

"just when we thought we know everything, but we don't
just when we thought we have everything, but we haven't
just when we hoping so much
but it fall from high
just when we thought we understand
but we haven't
just when the unexpected thing become true

Now i know life never can be foresee
neither future can be predict
nor life can be expected"

This one I wrote when I think I should go on with what fate brings me to

"as we walk trough the path
so far away.. beyond eyes can see
don't know what waits in front
as we could only walk all the way
sometimes looking left and right,
and sometimes look back.. but never can return to the path taken
as it fade away, the moment we take another path
only the memory remains
and the experience gave the lesson
not to step on the torn
or to kick the stones
that come all the ways"


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