21 April 2008

I feel the kicking

I'm 19 weeks pregnant now. Almost 5 months.. And this few days i feel a kicking movement from my tummy. It happen one night when i'm about to sleep, suddenly "dush!" i feel a kick from inside my tummy. Maybe my baby want me to notice his/her existence now.. and whenever i have time, when i sit or watching the tv i will put my hand on my tummy, after a while, i can feel that little kicking..

My tummy become more noticeable too. Last Friday, my colleague, a Filipinos, see my tummy and she ask, "Are u pregnant?" I said, "ya".. Then she said, "It's a boy or girl?" I said, "Don't know yet". Then she said "I think it's a girl, because from your face can see.." I was like, "oh is it?" Ehehe..

Last week, in Kelantan when met my mother and my Mok Ngoh, mak guess i'm gonna have a baby boy (from the beginning she always said that).. While Mok Ngoh said she guess its a girl.. Well, lets see.. I also can't wait to know..

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