11 March 2008

10 Things About Me That Might Freak You Out

Saje rase rajin nak reply tag dari Nella nih.. Lets see what i got..
  1. I dont eat vegie, fish n sometimes meat. One thing that I prefer most of the time is Chicken.
  2. I dont forgive people who hurt my feelings, I cant even forget & cant trust that person anymore. No matter how.. and can hold a grudge also.. scared huh?... dont mess up with me..
  3. I can eat the whole pan of pizza (if not shared by anybody la) although my mouth is small
  4. I'm afraid of tv character whose wearing animal costume & get his face make up like animal.
  5. I once had an ambition to become Majalah 3 's reporter (really specific kan)
  6. When i'm mad, I text and speak in english.. (i mean when i speak or sms/email to specific person la)
  7. I hate coacroach! Cant even see the picture, on tv or even dead one. It still freaks me out (wait, it should "freak you out" rite.. lantak la)
  8. Music is not my soul.. i can live without it.. really! any awards show also didnt interest me.. no matter anugerah Era ke, Grammy Awards ke, or even Video Clips, esp MTV.. it will be the last thing i watch or not at all.
  9. I can't bend my fingers backward, I mean, not even a little (it hurts!) Its just so straight like kayu. (Coz i see others can at least bend it or lentikkan their fingers)
  10. I have no prob taking pills, or medicine. I can finished it as advised by Doc & also no prob swallowing vitamins or any kind of pills because i like it.. (only when needed)
wargghh.. susahnye nak cari sampai 10.. aku rase not so freaky pon.. Kalo tanye "what might freak me out" maybe banyak la.. dengan ini, aku nak tag Cik Hasanah kite, En. Musnaz, En. Evildead (walopon rase die x kan jawab), and sesape lah..

1 comment:

disputed lamb said...

i knew about numbers 1 and 9 only.
taknak insert the fact yang kau taksuke tengok orang ikat rambut bawah dagu?
that oughta freak people some.

thanks for taking the time.

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