22 January 2008

A Very Very Good News

Rite now, nothing can describe how happy i am.. how grateful i am.. and how lucky i feel. thanks god for giving me this really really good news. And the happpiest person, would be my husband.. Afat. Can't never forget how he thank me, for telling him the good news that he eagerly wait all this while and what a beautiful moment it was.. I was smiling in tears because i'm tremendously touched by the moment n thinking that god has plan us a very big thing.. cant stop my tears as i showed Afat the Pregnancy test and tell him what doctor had advice me.

Actually i went to see doctor on 15 Jan.. Tuesday last week, suspecting something weird happening in my body, then i decided go to my panel clinic, Poliklinik Gomez, Cyberjaya, without telling Afat. (still want to keep it as my secret, because i dont wat him to hope so much). Then the doc ask me to do the urine test on the pregnancy test kit. And the result is positive! Quite blur that time, but just listen to doc advice. According to that doc, i'm already pregnant for 5 weeks. And expected due on 14/9/2008..

Went back to my car, i feel like want to cry, dont know what my feeling was.. it's really a mix emotion, happpy, suprise, eager.. just cant describe how i felt that moment. Cant wait to tell that news to Afat, but still wanted to wait until he get home to tell it.

That night, my mind busy thinking of the best way to tell him the news, at last i just show him the pregnancy test kit n let him find out by him self. As i expect, he was very surprised n happy with the news. and cant wait to tell his parents and all his friends.. What a gift.. from God..!


disputed lamb said...

omigod. youre preggers?
congrats, of course.

AfzaNistrator said...

thanks nell.. would it be another nightmare 4 u? ur friend will become mak org.. huhu

aNoi haLim said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
aNoi haLim said...

wow.before dis faten, then u..
oh..my frens gonna be a hot mama after dis.hehe

disputed lamb said...

bukanla nightmare. im happy for you two, surely. i couldnt imagine anyone better to deserve this joy of motherhood.
at the same time i totally couldnt help but feel (unjustified) dread. biasala kan, perubahan itu selalunya sedikit susah nak diterima, walaupun untuk sesuatu yang cukup istimewa macam ini. amboi nella. pakpungpakpung.

SITI said...

afzan, baru jumpa kau di sini...

ultimatecass said...

congrats afzan! *hugs*

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