05 December 2007

Where I Am Now..

I'm currently working at IBM Regional Contact Center, Cyberjaya as a Technical Support Agent, xSeries Server. Started working here for about 2 weeks ago actually. But quite busy with the training, so, only now can update u all. Kind of "Rezeki Kawen" actually because got the offer just 2 days before my wedding and starts work 2 weeks after my wedding. Work place also just 15min from my house, and some more got travel allowences and also normal working hour, not shift.. What a luck!

So, here's a few of my teammates there.. Adisak and Liana. Not so many Malays there. Others are filipinos, thai, indonesian, indian n chinese..But they all are really friendly and funny. So, kind of happy working with them..

This is kind of thing i'm dealing with. IBM xSeries Server and Blade Center..

This is how my office looks like.. but soon will move to another building, just behind HSBC Cyberjaya.

Yeah.. New job, new life.. new experience..

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