28 November 2007

My Birthday Present

My Birthday was on 6th Nov.. A really meaningful birthday this year because 1st time celebrated with someone that I love.. My husband @ Mr Evildead a.k.a Afat.. and it was on the 2nd day I become his wife. Actually the wedding itself is the most wonderful birthday gift for me. At the age of 24 (2 more days to become 24 on my wedding day), I found a match of my soul and life long companion. My life never being this complete before and thank god for His blessing and given me such a perfect life I ever dream for.

It was a perfect birthday.. and what makes me happier is because Afat bought me this..

(But i choose la..) Ahahah, so bling2 and glitz and big Swarovski stones on the strap and pink dial inside.. by Fossil..and i like it so muchhhhh.. Perfect gift! (*seb baiklah die memahami wife die nih suke sgt mende berkilat2 nih)..

Can't leave home without it!.. So that i can always remember my hubby 24 hours la.. ^_^

Ok, so thanks dear, for the Birthday gift and for completed my life with your presence..

*aku suke sgt, so, sukati aku la nk post kat sini pun kan..


Anonymous said...

wahhhh congrats. what a lovely husband u have. May your marriage happily ever after.

Omecool20 said...

Cantik :> Arafat memang loving orangnya :)

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