13 September 2007

Shit does happen..

Well, yesterday my fiance's notebook had been stolen from his friends car, the thieve took both their bags. So both notebook in the bags are gone, including his digital camera and his friend's certificate. They forgot to bring their bags and left it in the car while going to eat. It happens in Cyberjaya, in the evening. I'm didn't see him yet, so didn't really know the whole story but he said he park the car at the parking lot which usually got a pak guard there. The thieve manage to unlock the car which is i-don't-know-how-they-do-it and ran those 2 bags. My fiance's laptop is belong to his company while his friend lost his own Sony VIAO notebook. They straightly lodge a police report after that and until about 1am barulah settle giving the statement to the so called pegawai penyiasat.

Hmm.. things like this does happen without any expectation. Yelah, who knows just in a while you can lost your valuable things.. It happen to me once. And i really2 regret that i put my trust to a stranger. Shit does happen, anybody can cheat you, do bad things to you, rob you, just anything.. and nothing u can do to get it back even u make a police report. So, friends, beware of your belonging n never trust a stranger.. and don't leave your laptop in the car, no matter where u park it or how soon u left it..

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disputed lamb said...

oi. Selamat Menjalankan Ibadah Berpuasa.

Sabda Rasululah s.a.w;
"Berapa banyak yang berpuasa tetapi tidak mendapat pahala puasanya kecuali lapar sahaja dan berapa ramai yang qiyam yang tidak mendapat pahala qiyamnya kecuali berjaga sahaja"
Hadith Riwayat Al-Nasaai, Ibnu Majah, Al Hakim

So, bersamalah kita jaga adab puasa seperti yang diajar oleh Ustazah Zarinah Zakaria kat kelas 3J dulu.

*kissis and hugsus*

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