14 August 2007


Guys, i found this really motivated. So, just to share with you all..

5 Factors To Achieve Anything You Want

Have you ever noticed that when you do something you love, it is so easy to achieve it? Do you realise what it is that helps you achieve your goals? Well, here are 5 factors that are involved in achieving anything you want:

1) Desire: You must have a genuine desire for it. Do it because you want it, and not because it will please someone else.

2) Motivation: Motivate yourself by reminding yourself what it is that you will achieve if you keep working at it.

3) Anticipation: Create an "I can hardly wait" attitude. Look forward to the task at hand and enjoy it.

4) Critical factor: Ask yourself how critical is it to acomplish this achievement. How will this help improve you/ your income.

5) Positive Thoughts: Remind yourself of the positive results you will achieve when you achieve your goal.

You may not have noticed, but these factors come into play everyday when you do things you enjoy such as going on a date, cooking a new dish, playing golf, going on a vacation, etc. So the next time you need to achieve something, think of these 5 factors to make it fun, easy achievable.

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