07 June 2007

What the hell..

At first, i feel like not in mood to write anything because this morning i feel a bit blur, tedious, and soo not in mood. Woke up by a weird dream and go to work with swollen eyes.. Arrive to office 1 minute late. and in the office, like usual, really2 feel lazy to do anything or to continue my work that i really have to finish it or else, i will hear my Boss "membebel" like hell. God, this few days, i don’t know why, but just feel like i lost my motivation and the spirit to do anything especially my work. Maybe this is just not my passion. Being a System Engineer is all i want but, working here, just.. hmm, i don't know the exact word to describe. but i just feel that i need to do something i like, that i'm happy to do, no matter how hard or how bored others will think, but i got to do something that interest me in this life. Does find another job will solve my problem? or i will feel the same after a couple of years? Maybe its not the job that bored me, maybe its the people around me that makes me lost interest.. or maybe its just me.. Always want something better, and not grateful of what i have. Oh no, i shouldn't be ungrateful.. there are others more unlucky, unemployed, have a terrible boss, stressful works, etc and still holding on. What the hell i'm blubbering about? i don't know.. Afzan, u gotta do your work.. it's not about anyone else, its not about your surrounding, its not about your work place, its about your heart, your mind.. just put your mind on the right track.. and forget anything else. it doesn't bother you actually.. its your own thought that bothers u. Forget it. Leave it Afzan.. oh, Kak Ros just give me chocolate. I love chocolate!! This gotta make my day!! Cheers...

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