24 May 2007

Things I like & I hate..

Today i feel like want to list down some of the things that i like the most and hate the most in no specific order..

Things I Like
chocolate, cheese cake, strawberries, cool weather, new clothes, ice skating, waterfall, new places, thriller movie, picnic, nice photo, mushroom soup, Bukit Expo UPM, clean room, roses, flowers, Pizza Hut, Chicken Chop, Putrajaya, Yougurt drink, handbags, drive myCar, curl eyelash, shining and glittering stuff, flat abs, boot cut jeans, accessories, beads, holiday, frills, diamonds,ribbons, butterfly motives, man with smart looks and tidy clothes, makeup, man crying, hot food, receive email, receive sms from someone i wish to.. ooh..the list might be never ending..

Things I Hate
LIAR, Mole, durians, fish, vegetables, coacroach, traffic jam, guys disturbing me when i walk, body odour, kicap, repeat my words, people ask same question repeatedly, read same book repeatedly, watch same movie repeatedly (i don't like to repeat anything i'd done), my weight, purple colour, people who talk a lot, lost my stuff, all kind of sports, dust on my car, people stained/spoilt/lost/damaged/never return my stuff, People drive too fast, stray dogs, spam mail, running nose, slow pc, disturb someone's sleep by my call, lift heavy things, cold dishes, honey dew, sweat, war movies, teaching people.. and others, i will recall later..

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